Maximilian Bungarten

Transit Cuise Control
Cabin Pressure
Redeye Carry-On

A mysterious bag, two cops, no airplane in sight: „Transit Cruise Control“ captures two women in a strange and isolated transit zone, who find themselves caught in a dangerous game of bluff, deceit and betrayal. For Vogue Spain, Swiss photographer Reto Schmid creates a surreal world, in which time and space escape human comprehension.

Hannelore Knuts, Shanelle Nyasiase

Directed By Reto Schmid
Co.-Directed & Edited By Maximilian Bungarten
Styling: Patti Wilson
Dop: Tobias Blickle, Johan Le Roux
Casting Director: Emili Astrom /Creartvt
Movement Director: Ryan Chappel
Hair: Laurent Philippon
Make-Up: Cécile Paravina
Manicure: Julie Villandva
Artwork: Marietta Eugster